Venue Hire

Goodman Arts Centre has a range of venue spaces to suit every occasion, from workshops, to corporate retreats, meetings, parties or gatherings.

Black Box

Ideal for rehearsals and experimental theatre or solo performances

Project Studios

Dedicated studio spaces for artists to work on art projects.

Music Studios

The Music Studios are dedicated spaces with sound-treated acoustic padded walls ideal for quiet, undisturbed practice.

Multi-Purpose Studios

Multi-Purpose Studios have common details of repeated modular elements on the exteriors.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Multi-Purpose Rooms offers a dedicated space for artists. Fitted with dance mats and full-length mirrors on one-side, the room can be used as a rehearsal space.

Meeting Room

The three Meeting Rooms are converted old classrooms with utilitarian old school charm.

F&B Caterers

Conrad Centennial Singapore

Creative Eateries/Shiok Kitchen Catering (Halal)

Elsie’s Kitchen (Halal)


Luxe Catering

Stamford Catering Services (Halal)