Goodman B-Sides - A Celebration Of The Artistic Community

Wander and get wonderfully lost in the arts at the latest edition of the annual Goodman B-Sides (#goodmanbsides). This school holidays, let imagination be your guide as families, art lovers, and plant enthusiasts experience art through paths less ventured within Goodman Arts Centre (GAC).

Singapore, 6 November 2019 – Wander and get wonderfully lost in the arts at the latest edition of the annual Goodman B-Sides (#goodmanbsides). This school holidays, let imagination be your guide as families, art lovers, and plant enthusiasts experience art through paths less ventured within Goodman Arts Centre (GAC). On 16 November 2019, Singapore’s largest arts enclave will reimagine and reinvent itself as an unbridled garden of creativity as its community of artists congregate to transform art into an adventure. From GAC’s own community garden to adventures in the concrete sprawl of Block B, join us for a time of artistic exploration where getting lost is the experience.

Our unguided trails welcome those looking for an adventure around the centre or a wander into our artist studios. With our map in hand, follow a suggested trail as you navigate through the diversity of workshops, performances, and art spaces. Stepping into the homes of our resident artists, learn about their creative process and how they nurture and grow their art; get caught up in spontaneous conversations that emerge through these unexpected and organic encounters.

More intrepid explorers seeking to blaze their own trail might stumble upon an open door of a workshop or studio or gravitate towards the energetic sounds of one of our pop-up performances. To wind down your adventure, rummage through the bustling lifestyle market for your next great find and relax with some F&B favourites that will indulge your flights of fancy amidst the lush, creative atmosphere at Goodman B-Sides.

Finally, join us for the highlight of this year’s Goodman B-Sides as we relaunch the Goodman Community Garden – our renewed mandala-style garden space that has brought our family of artists, tenants, and neighbourhood residents together. Embracing the garden as a metaphor for art, this revitalised space will be the centre of hands-on demonstrations, workshops, and tours about herbs, soil, and urban farming.

“Goodman Arts Centre has a very close-knit community of artists and tenants, who have bonded both over their passion for their craft as well as their love for nature. The Goodman Community Garden reflects the shared pride and interest we all have over nurturing and creating conversations through nature and art. We are proud to present and share the garden’s first phase with the public during Goodman B-Sides, and after the event, it will be an ongoing project to forge deeper relationships and understanding among nature and art lovers all year round”, said Ms Dorothy Neo, Centre Manager of Goodman Arts Centre.

ARTfully Ours, a Garden for the Community

The new 150sqm mandala-shaped Goodman Community Garden is a rehabilitation project inspired and driven by the community of Goodman Arts Centre. Previously a small, unfurnished gardening space that was communally used by artists, GAC technicians, cleaning staff, and neighbourhood residents to grow their plants, the garden symbolises the organic interactions and connections that take place at Goodman Arts Centre, and the importance of creating spaces to encourage creative collaboration and camaraderie.

Designed by Cultivate Central, the Goodman Community Garden will be filled with an assortment of herbs, vegetables and tropical flowering plants that can be used as a programme space while also functioning as a source of natural materials for artists and their work. In the spirit of community, others in GAC’s extended family have also pitched in efforts and resources with partners like Treescapes Pte Ltd contributing the soil and compost needed to rejuvenate the garden.

Visitors can step within the Garden and embark on a learning journey of sustainable urban farming comprising of a composting station, herb spiral, micro vegetable farm, bug hotel and many more. Garden tours and workshops will be available. Resident artists have contributed a clay totem pole (by Goodman Ceramic Studio) and a fire pit replica which will serve as a demonstration site for those who wish to learn more about the creative crafting of plant pots and other pottery pieces.

The programming for the Garden is designed to be self-sustainable and will continue to evolve after the event, with plans to engage and involve more resident artists.

Stroll into the HeART of the Young and the Young at Heart

From music and dance to theatre and visual arts, Goodman B-Sides offers unparalleled opportunities to discover, explore various art forms and appreciate local artists’ fruits of labour. Build your own arts experience with a freestyle adventure that leads into the working spaces of artists through nature. Visitors can learn more about a day in the life of the young performers from A Little RAW Company and enjoy an interactive performance titled BOUND! presented by RAW Moves. Step into the studio of watercolourist Marvin Chew and learn about what influenced his work, or try your hand at water colouring art. Discover the hidden world of music with Tian Yun Beijing Opera and celebrate a world of possibilities in sustainable art through a joyous performance by young musicians aged 3 to 6 years old from Music Playhouse, with percussion instruments made of recyclable materials.

Workshops include making a ceramic mini plant pot or floral glass magnets, outdoor watercolour painting, an opportunity to learning the basics of Beijing Opera and batik painting. Visitors can also hop onto art trails to discover artist spaces and check out in-studio performances ranging from contemporary dance and classical Indian Dance. Each session lasts between 15 – 30 mins. Curated trail options are available as well.

PARTake in Good Food, Drinks, and Shopping

Rain or shine, the fun continues at every turn and corner at Goodman B-Sides. In the open spaces, a buzz of multi-sensory options awaits with kids’ music performances and dynamic live canvas painting, and lifestyle treats.

In collaboration with Cultivate Central and So Gelam Market, the lifestyle market takes on a nature-friendly theme to encourage sustainable living. From a large selection of handmade pottery work by local artisans, to handcrafted natural soaps and jewellery made of recycled materials, there is something for everyone. Aspiring green thumbs can find a range of practical gardening supplies as well.

Fuel up along the way with Kombucha drinks, chomp heartily on sourdough bread, and other food and beverage offerings as the exploration continues.

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Goodman B-Sides 2019
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre
On: 16 November 2019, from 12 noon to 7pm.
Public admission to the event is free.


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