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The Artground - The Ground Co Limited

Visual Arts
Founded in July 2017,  The Artground (nurtured by The Ground Co Limited) was born out of an underutilised old school hall and has since welcomed more than 120,000 visitors.

We promote positive arts experiences for families with children from birth to nine years old. This is achieved through our tiered levels of art programming and a visual arts space which changes throughout the year. Apart from enriching the families with this experience, we also support local artists through our incubation efforts by providing them with a platform to network and present their work-in-progress trials while also acting as a springboard for their arts career.

Schools come to us for our Arts Learning Journey programmes where we engage both children and their teachers by exposing them to various art forms.

On top of these, our visual arts and design initiative projects pull artists, educators and visual designers together to dream up visual arts spaces for children!

The Artground is a space where families, artists and educators can feel at ease to come to, to spend quality time, to discover, to learn and to be curious.

We open our doors to any artist, any educator, any parent and/or any child who is curious about the arts. We open our minds towards creative ideas for children that might not have had an opportunity to be showcased yet. Most importantly, we open our hearts to reach out to the various communities where arts access can sometimes be challenging.

The Artground obtained its charity status on 22 January 2018, and it depends heavily on volunteers and donations to keep its operations running.

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