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SRIWANA was first formed in 1955 with the objective of creating public awareness to the cultural activities and developments of the Malay society. It was then the first of its kind as most of the existing groups were of literary, welfare and education. SRIWANA’s objective is to be active in the cultural field to promote, uphold and upgrade the richness of the Malay arts and culture since its formation. “Budaya Nilai Bangsa” is the society’s tagline till today.

SRIWANA will be 65 years old this year. The group has survived the throes of globalization to remain steadfast and passionate in achieving its vision. SRIWANA invests all effort in developing our members towards professionalism, constantly developing new ideas to remain relevant in the scene and yet be successful in identifying a group difference. SRIWANA strives to be relevant, new and vibrant, while upholding the richness and uniqueness of the group’s traditional heritage and image worldwide; New yet Old.

Being one of the oldest arts activists group, it is our responsibility to provide the necessary platform for talents – young and old to nurture their talents as well as maximize their creative potential. SRIWANA actively does so by creating opportunities through staging of productions or participation in arts related programs as well as partnership programs.

SRIWANA continuously produce arts and cultural programs that reach out to the community and the public to seek cultural understanding and achieve a harmonious multi-diverse community; bringing Arts to the public.

Frontier Danceland Stuido


Block M #02-51 & 02-52

+65 6336 1526
Frontier Danceland is a non-profit contemporary dance company that combines dynamic Western dance technique with the strength and beauty of Asian expression. Inspired by the energy and vibrance of contemporary life in Singapore, the Company challenges itself to create and perform innovative and evocative works that push beyond choreographic and performance boundaries.

Founded in July 1991 by present artistic director, Low Mei Yoke and Tan Chong Poh as an amateur dance company, Frontier Danceland gained professional status in 2011.