Song Lovers Choral Society

Song Lovers Choral Society (formerly known as Lee Howe Choral Society), was established by Mdm Lee Howe, one of the pioneer choral educators in Singapore. Since its establishment in 1952, the society has put up numerous concerts and published several live concert recordings in tape and CD formats, as well as multiple publications related to singing.

In 2002, Lee Howe Choral Society organised a series of activities to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Following that, founder Mdm Lee Howe announced her retirement and ceased handling the society’s affairs. With the approval from the Registry of Societies, the society changed its name to the Song Lovers Choral Society, and continued to carry out the vision and mission of Lee Howe Choral Society.

As a member of the Choral Association of Singapore (CAS), the choir actively participates and aids in the planning and execution of CAS activities, such as the Songs of Joy concert every two years. The choir also takes part in the Singapore Chinese Choral Festival, which is adjudicated by a panel of jury, to maintain a high standard of choral singing. The choir also travels to Malaysia every few years for choral exchanges with our Malaysian counterparts, performing in joint concerts and hosting the Malaysian choirs in Singapore when they visit, contributing to cultural diplomacy.